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Tree Lopping, Pruning & Hedges

When designing the garden of your dreams, your landscaping ideas may well include the planting of trees and other hardy plants such as hedges and bushes.

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Tree Lopping, Pruning & Hedges

We provide end-to-end gardening maintenance and landscaping solutions for businesses throughout Brisbane.

Strong winds or lightning can cause the strongest of trees to lose a branch or two, or can snap a branch that stays in the tree.

This can then present a hazard to anyone who walks under the tree or to any car parked underneath.

Falling branches can do significant damage, so it may be necessary to call in ASAP Gardeners to deal with this threat by carrying out a tree-lopping procedure. Unsafe branches are identified, and cut away to ensure that there is no threat of them suddenly falling.

It is also not uncommon for trees and hedges to grow in an uneven way, with some branches or blooms appearing weaker than others.

For as long as these damaged branches are in place, they slow the growth of part of your garden, and lead to a less stylish look which can become off-putting. Judicious pruning will ensure that trees and hedges grow evenly, providing a uniform look that makes everything around them looks better.

Keen experts such as ASAP Gardeners know how to carry out tree-lopping, pruning and hedges maintenance to ensure the best result for your property.

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Our Tree Lopping, Pruning & Hedges Projects

END-TO-END Tree Lopping, Pruning & Hedges


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If your business premises need any work done in the exterior garden area, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to put the work in and ensure that your environment stays as green and as beautiful as nature intended.

A garden around your business premises can be tremendously welcoming, and make your business all the more attractive to potential visitors – but the greenery must be maintained if it is to have this attraction.

If you are getting the feeling that overhanging branches, uneven growth or weather damage are affecting the way your landscaping looks, then it’s time to call in the experts.

In 30 years and more as providers of landscaping solutions to the people and businesses of Brisbane, we at ASAP Gardeners have learned everything there is to know about tree-lopping, pruning and hedges. We’re happy to put that knowledge at your disposal.